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Our Funds

Galilee focuses on unearthing opportunistic and forwarding-looking traditional/alternative mid- to long-term investments in the region, catering to a diverse range of client/investor needs.


Cambodia Development Fund (Closed-Ended)

Currently, our team has a pipeline of exciting investment opportunities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the set up of our Cambodia Development Fund. The investment strategy of this fund is to partner developers with proven track record to invest in forward-looking property projects to cater to a growing demand for quality residential, office, hospitality, retail and convention space to provide locals, expats and businesses to tap on Cambodia’s roaring economy growth potential for the next 2 decades.

Compounder Fund (Open-Ended)

This fund focuses on long-term investing in equities around the world. The investment strategy is to find Compounders – public-listed companies that are able to grow their businesses at high-rates over the long run – through holistic fundamental analysis, and holding onto their shares for years. The fund aims to generate a 12% annualised return over the long-term (a 5 to 7-year period or longer).

Galilee Investment Fund VCC - Real Estate Debt Fund (Open-Ended)

This fund aims to provide investors with a stable annual dividend yield of between 6-10% through purchasing choice real-estate-backed public or private debt products issued by partner developers at any stage of the property development cycle (land bank, development, yielding) focused on the emerging Indochina frontier markets with initial projects focused in Cambodia.

My Square Metre Fund VCC - Cambodia Real Estate Fund (Open-Ended)

This fund aims to deliver consistent returns for investors of above 12% IRR across a diverse portfolio of real estate projects in Cambodia. The overall objective is to continually identify and acquire land for development and/or existing real estate projects at any stage of development cycle with potential to grow in value or provide consistent income over the long run.

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